KVM with GFS2 shared storage on clustered lvm

We will create a clustered storage GF2 and connect our 3 KVM hosts to it, so that we will be able to live migrate guests from one host to another. Ok let’s begin 🙂

First on every host Install prerequisites for KVM ( I choose Virtual Machine Host during installation, so my systems are already able to create guests):
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Forward Bond interface VLAN to guest KVM

Hello, here is part two of forwarding VLANs to KVM guest.
First part was t forward VLANs via trunk interface using bridges:

Now I will show you how to bond two interfaces using Dynamic Link Agregation and to make it all work with VLANs and bridges. It will give us better network performance and fault tolerant connection.

So let’s start 🙂 Here is drawing that shows how it all should work. I’m connecting serwer with SPS2024 Linksys switch:

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