New Servers, migration to KVM virtualization


I’m preparing to migrate all my standalone servers to KVM virtual machines. My company bought four servers HP DL 360 G7 and P2000 HP storage.

I would like to configure three KVM hosts working together using shared storage with GFS2 filesystem. Picture below show’s how I would like this to work:

P2000 Matrix has two SAN Controllers. I connected each controller to different switch for redundancy. Every server has two FC cards, so I connected each server to two different switches.

I will keep you updated on how I’m doing 🙂 wish me luck



Welcome to my first blog!

Three words about me: I’m young, white and handsome 🙂 In my blog I would like to share with you my knowledge of Linux and sometimes windows servers. Because I’m fresh out of university so my knowledge isn’t outstanding, but I hope you will find something useful.

I’m from Poland, so excuse me my poor English ( I don’t even know how many mistakes I made in this post ) please correct my English if you see any mistakes 🙂