Qcow2 snapshots

I’m using internal shapshots (which is a feature of qcow2 disk files )to back up my virtual machines.
This feature is available only from rhel 6.0 release. The best thing about it that it gives us fast way to backup our machines, without powering the off- snapshot will freeze our guest machine and unfreeze it when it’s done. It is very useful before any major upgrades. We are making a snapshot, then upgrade and if there is any problem we can revert back virtual machine to the state when snapshot was made. Continue reading


Recovery from HP 2000 snapshots. Mount GFS2 on single node

Last week I had to recover one of my virtual machine images from snapshot. I’m using HP2000 storage with feature of snapshot schedule. My schedule is configured to keep 4 snapshots in storage, so i can revert my volume up to 4 days back.
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Forward Bond interface VLAN to guest KVM

Hello, here is part two of forwarding VLANs to KVM guest.
First part was t forward VLANs via trunk interface using bridges:

Now I will show you how to bond two interfaces using Dynamic Link Agregation and to make it all work with VLANs and bridges. It will give us better network performance and fault tolerant connection.

So let’s start 🙂 Here is drawing that shows how it all should work. I’m connecting serwer with SPS2024 Linksys switch:

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Booting from SAN on Multipath device HP P2000 storage


I have managed to configure my storage HP 2000. I’m using three different disk types:

11 SAS disk 7200 rpm 1 TB size each
11 SAS disk 1500 rpm 600MB size each
11 SAS disk 1500 rpm 140MB size each

I want to use this storage for my virtual machines with KVM hypervisor

I have configured on Vdisk for each disk types. Each Vdisk group is RAID 5 with 1 hot spare and additionally I have one global spare just for safety.
Later I have created Volumes for my systems and configured Explicit mapping just for specific host.

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